Neighbour Friendly

When installing an air source heat pump, planning permission demands that the sound emitted does not adversely affect any neighbouring properties. Under Permitted Development the sound pressure level of a heat pump must not exceed 42 dB(A) 1m from the neighbours nearest room (known as the assessment position).

Low Noise:
Ecodan has always been one of the quietest models on the market and the New Ultra Quiet Ecodan operates with an industry leading sound pressure level at 1m of 45dB(A), meaning Ecodan can be located much closer to the assessment position and pass planning.

Flexible Placement

Specific design features enable quiet operation to be maintained at all times and under all ambient conditions.

This ultra quiet performance means home owners can now choose the most convenient location for their Ecodan without disturbing neighbours. This allows improved flexibility in the location of the air source heat pump making it ideal for areas that are particularly sensitive to outdoor noise.

Energy Related
Products Directive (ErP)

The Ecodan range of air source heat pumps show class-leading A++ performance in heating. Our new models also show A++ performance but go even further with a 7% increase in efficiency.

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